2023 Caribbean Cup and CMAS Freediving Outdoor Depth World Championships

This will be a running post and updated with my results, adventures, and video and picture links of this amazing once in a lifetime freedive adventure.

August 8-11, 2023

Day 4 here in Roatán. Did two days of training and today is a rest day. Going to explore the reefs as a snorkeler today before first day of Caribbean Cup tomorrow. This will be my tune-up event before the world championships start. There are no age divisions in this event (so competing against the big dawgs), but there may be an opportunity to set a national record. I have met some of the top divers in the world on the platform and beach. Got to dive on the buoy next to the female world record holder. You watch and learn what you can from them. This is an amazing experience. My wife wants me to stop worrying about home and focus on why I came here. Thanks to friends and family who have reached out, and offered a shoulder to cry on from afar. 
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August 12, 2023

When dreams come true. Yesterday was the first day of the Caribbean Cup. My first competition dive. I didn’t think this journey would be so powerfully emotional. The dive to 61m was a success. The dives, training, and routines I had put in place that led to this just kicked in. My @freediveohana crew and coach Donny @freediveandthrive helped establish that foundation 🙏🏼

On the phone with my wife later, the realization of fulfilling this dream kicked in, and I just broke down. Wow. What a rush of emotions.

On to day two of diving. Will keep you updated. ❤️


August 13 and 14, 2023

Day 2 I did a conservative dive to 58 in FIM (Free Immesions pulling the line down). Another White Card and new PB for me in this discipline. Ocean was a bit rough, but pulled the dive off.

Day 3 I had an opportunity to set a new Masters National Record for the US in CWTB (kicking down with bi-fins). This would be another PB for me as well in this discipline. Another white card, and a new US record at 58m in the Caribbean Cup. World Championships start next week. 

This has been a mixed week of emotions both for my home Maui and for me personally. I’ve broken down more than once on this trip. But to know my freediving can be a needed distraction for those at home, an inspiration to those who dream, and bring a smile to those that need one, this is for you all. 


August 16, 2023

August 12, 2023 the culmination of my training came down to this moment. Turn off the world around me, let it all go, and just dive. When I reached 61m, time stood still, as I realized the moment I was in. I saw the tag, and grabbed it. As I returned to the surface, I had to block out the emotions and focus on my protocols to receive a white card. SUCCESS.
Thanks to so many for making this journey possible: @freediveohana and @usfreediving for growing this sport. @surffurand @bestdive_official for equipping me with awesome dive gear.

But more importantly my wife for supporting me on this journey.
Video and logo credit to @roatanfreediving and thanks for putting on an awesome event.

August 17, 2023

Final rest day before I start line training on the buoys again. Took some time off to let the body and ears rest up. Had a great Team USA dinner and Pura Vida. Met all the National Team members. Also handed out the team T-Shirts I had made on Maui. The CMAS World Championships start in a few days. The fist dive is on Monday August 21. You can check out the live stream and all the information at: https://cmaswc2023.com/schedule/

If you want to stay in touch with me you can link to my Instagram account: yourmaui

August 18, 2023

Words cannot describe this experience. It is an honor to represent Team USA at the CMAS Outdoor Freediving World Championships here in Roatán, Honduras. To those who have made this journey possible for me, MAHALO ♥️ And a big thanks to US Freediving for opportunity to compete, our team sponsors: SurfFur for the cool team shirts and dive bags, Best Dive for the cool team wetsuits., and those individuals that contributed to our fundraisers. Photo credit: Mitch Brown Photo

August 19-20, 2023

After 3 days out of the water, it was nice to get back in. I took it slow as my right ear was having some issues, and I wanted to make sure it was okay. I did 2 days of training and a 50m dive to make sure the ear is back to normal. All Good!! One more day of training today doing a “shallow” 35m no fins dive. Then it is time to rest up for the big day on Monday. The start of the CMAS Freediving World Championships.

A special thanks to Maui Stickers for coordinating with my family in getting some special MauiStrong and Maui Love stickers to me here in Roatán. Maui dives with me.

August 21-23, 2023

A friend sent me the first picture from my first freedive class to remind me how far I have come in less than three years. I needed that after the first day of the CMAS Freediving World Championships.

Day 1- I made an attempt to set a national record with my monofin to 64m. My deepest dive attempt. A lot of warmup issues, and some boat waves right before I took my last inhale and started my dive. I reached the target depth, but had some surface protocol issues and had a surface blackout, and back of my head hit the water. So red card, and loss of a chance to medal.

Day 2- I decided to do a conservative dive to 56m FIM (pull the line). An easy dive I knew I could make. Less stress on the body and ears. My safety lanyard got stuck on my weight belt on the way down. But I just relaxed fixed it on the freefall and just enjoyed the dive. Successful dive, white card.

Wednesday is a rest day. Staying out of water and resting up for my no fins dive on Thursday.

August 24, 2023

CNF Day- Constant Weight No Fins to 35m. This is one of the hardest disciplines in this sport. I was not going to do this event in the competition, because I am so new to it. But I trained for it and decided to announce a conservative dive I knew I could do. I finally made it on the dive eye camera. You can watch the YouTube link below.

August 25, 2023

It is the final day of the competition. Today was bifins day CWTB. I was not sure I was going to do this dive as my right eardrum perforated out of the water a few days earlier. I assumed it was from over use and a slight injury from the Caribbean Cup. I plugged the ear, and I told myself to test on some warmups and see how it feels. I also told myself to just have fun and enjoy the dive and the moment I was in. I had called for a 61m (200ft) dive. By far my most relaxed dive, and a new PB for me in that discipline. It was also a very enjoyable dive. What a way to end the competition.

August 26, 2023- Final Update before heading home

Mission Accomplished!

A rookie competing on the world’s biggest freediving stage. I was in awe, meeting world record holders, witnessing history, and meeting divers from around the world. I did a total of seven competition dives between the Caribbean Cup and the World Championships. Six white cards, one surface BO, set new national record, four dives over 60m, and two bronze medals. All in all an amazing experience and an amazing three weeks. A special thanks to my Coach Donny @freediveandthrive who got me ready for this event. His coaching style and prep is just what I needed. And to my wife for supporting this dream of mine. And all this was made possible by @usfreediving @roatanfreediving @cmasfreediving @bestdive_official @surffur @freediveohana. Team Photos @mitchbrownphoto