I want to be a freediver

Competition Results

CWT-61m 2023 Caribbean Cup
CWTB- 58m- 2023 Caribbean Cup (US Masters National Record) Set August 14, 2023 / 61m- 2023 CMAS World Championships (Bronze Medal)
FIM- 58m- 2023 Caribbean Cup
CNF- 35m- 2023 CMAS World Championships (Bronze Medal)

Athlete Bio

Name: Rick Ortiz

Lives in Maui, HI
AIDA 4 Star- Master Freediver
2023 US National Team- Masters Division

you do what?

It was the summer of 2020. The world was at the height of the Pandemic. Most of Maui was still shut down from tourist. The beaches were empty, and I was stuck running my business out of my garage. Up until everything had closed down, I had been an avid swimmer, and I had just got back into shape losing 50lbs. I needed to do something. So I decided for my 50th birthday, I would finally pursue my dream of becoming a “real” freediver.

So here I am, almost three years into this adventure. Let me tell you, what a ride it has been. From diving sunken wrecks, to encountering amazing sea life, and diving to depths I never imagined. But by far, the milestone of this journey, was making the US National Freediving Team to compete the the CMAS World Championships in the summer of 2023.